Are you ready to step-up, take responsibility and be the change you want in the world? Are you aware of your own greatness? Do you feel you can do more… to shift your consciousness and uplift the world? Crystalline Energetics is the pathway to heal yourself and Spirit of Change is the doorway to your transformation.


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Spirit of Change is an illuminated pathway that was created to guide those seeking transformation. The process reflects my life experiences and how they led me to take responsibility to elevate my consciousness and change my world. As I am elevating my own consciousness I am automatically shaping the collective consciousness towards peace and lightness of being. It is my mission and intention to use light and sound to shift people’s reality to create spiritual balance and harmony.


  • Dear Anastasia, Thank you, thank you for tonight’s Teleconference!!! As I shared after the session, it is almost hard to describe. As I try to put tonight’s experience into words, I would have to say… I feel a strong oneness, no duality, a sustaining peace and tremendous contentment. I pray to be able to hold on to this, remember it and live from this place, as I know it is a taste of who I am, that Divine Essence. What a great gift, to be given a glimpse of what is possible. I am grateful to you. ~ Susan, NY.

    Dearest Anastasia, Our first session was so beautiful! I was in such a wonderful place when we were done. You are very focused which suits me to a tee, and I honestly had goosebumps and shivers from the very first OM. After the session, I stayed in the energy that we had created for several minutes and eventually found myself asking Max some questions. Somehow, I was inside of the Crystal Skull, only I wasn’t tiny. It was huge! Thank you for guiding me through a pathway to knowing myself and expanding my consciousness. Smiling, I AM! ~ Cheryl Bolles, IN.

    Anastasia, My private session with you on bringing in the crystalline strands of DNA was just wondrous.  From the very first OM chant I felt myself relaxing into a deep meditative state.  The clearing of each chakra made me feel lighter and happier culminating in a feeling of bliss at the conclusion of the 90 strands of DNA.  The strong knowing of connection of myself and my crystal skulls grid to MAX and to grids worldwide was something I had never experienced before and felt very comforting.  Ever since then, I feel a strong connection to my grid and feel it amplifying my daily meditations. Thank you!! ~ F. V. from Maryland

    The day after my first session with Anastasia, I emailed her and said, “Someone different woke up in my bed this morning!” This new person that I’m delighted to be is more peaceful, more grounded, and happier. I feel like I take up more space (in a good way) — no longer holding back or hiding. That night I was being introduced to a group of people, and one said about me, “Wow — she has such great energy. I can feel it over here” — and she was standing on the other side of a theater from me. ~Ann, Los Angeles

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